Men's Health Guide: Eating For Muscle



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  • For most men, the difference between a hard, healthy body, and flabby one comes down to a single variable: What they eat. That’s right. Even guys who spend countless hours in the gym can hinder serious muscle gains when they fuel with the wrong foods. But that ends now. Men’s Heath Eating for Muscle is packed with vital information to help readers shed unwanted pounds, build strength and endurance, prevent injury, boost metabolism, and keep themselves looking and feeling their very best—all by improving their daily diet. Key elements of this issue include: Cutting-edge nutrition information; fat-burning, muscle-building power meals; the best foods for improving performance in every part of a reader’s life; and, to top it all off, a super-effective muscle building workout.

    New in this issue:

    The Men’s Health Nutrition Spectrum: What you need to eat, when you need to eat, and why you’ll be a better man for it

    59 Tricks for Scoring More Muscle—and your best body ever

    The Power of Protein: Your ultimate power source is simple and satisfying 

    Foods with Super Powers: Look and feel extraordinary by adding these items to your daily menus

    A Muscle Plan for Every Man: Use this guide to create your very own cutting-edge exercise routine

    The Greatest Power Meals: Eggs! Smoothies! Chili! Pasta! Pizza! Sandwiches! Turn your favorite meals into muscle-building fuel.  

    Melt Your Gut for Good: Easy, expert-approved, research-backed waist reducers

    Healthy Eating on the Go: The best advice for scoring the healthiest, most nutritious meals anytime, anywhere

    Abs Made Easy: Your secret weapon for a hard core

    90 Days to Ripped: The right workouts that will help you sizzle, chisel, and transform your body

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Men_s Health Guide: Eating For Muscle



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