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  • For the more than 21 million Americans who currently suffer from diabetes, there simply is no other reference that can match the breadth and depth of expertise found here. To prepare this book, the editors of Prevention interviewed dozens of endocrinologists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists, and other health professionals who specialize in diabetes care. Tapping into the wisdom and advice of this "dream team" of diabetes professionals, they have put together an integrated plan of attack to fight the disease on every front. Unlike the vast majority of books on diabetes that zero in on a single component, Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3 recognizes that diabetes is a multidimensional disease and therefore any effective management plan must take all contributing factors into account. The latest research shows that with a combination of targeted treatment strategies and sensible lifestyle changes, it is possible to slow--if not stop--diabetes-related decline.

    Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3 distills the latest, cutting-edge information on every aspect of diabetes management into a comprehensive three-step program, with each step targeting a key component of optimal diabetes control:

    Step 1: Treat and prevent diabetes complications
    Step 2: Change the lifestyle factors that can compromise blood sugar balance
    Step 3: Build a self-care regimen to safeguard against the disease's long-term effects

    With Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3, readers have the knowledge and tools they need to get ahead of diabetes--and stay there for good.

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Outsmart Diabetes 1-2-3



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