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  • Lose weight with the 400 Calorie Fix - researched, written, and approved by the health experts at Prevention magazine! It's the world's easiest weight loss plan. Just follow one simple rule you can really live with - enjoy three or four 400-calorie meals like the ones you see here every day, and don't forget to snack!

    You'll get more than 400 of them in all, like these:
    - A sweet and creamy parfait treat! You'll adore our Granita di Caffe with Hazelnut-Ricotta Cream. Even with two tasty biscotti, this indulgence is only 400 calories!
    - Quick and easy cheesy pizza! Sink your teeth into TWO big slices of our Mushroom Onion Pizza without an ounce of guilt because they’re only 200 calories each!
    - A hearty dinner classic! Our classic Pot Roast with Pearl Onions and Carrots will satisfy even the biggest appetite, yet it has only 420 calories per satisfying serving.
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400 Calorie Fix



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