All in 18 DVD

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Runtime: 128 minutes


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Torch Fat, Get Fit, Look & Feel Great, All in 18!

All in 18 is a revolutionary DVD fitness program that will change the way you exercise forever! With six amazing, fast-paced 18-minute routines — plus two 10-minute bonus workouts — you can:

  • Burn Away Stubborn Belly Fat!
  • Tone Your Abs, Butt, and Thighs!
  • Sculpt Your Legs, Arms, and Shoulders!

Created by Women’s Health Fitness Expert Idalis Velazquez, All in 18 is scientifically designed to fit your busy life — while still helping you get the results you really want. You don’t need an hour on the treadmill! You don’t need a gym membership! All you need is 18 minutes, a light pair of dumbbells, and this exclusive 42-day total-body transformation package from Women’s Health!

The All in 18 workouts blend high-intensity intervals with simple but fun resistance exercises — a combination that delivers metabolic and cardiovascular responses that are similar to an all-out sprint workout, according to a University of Georgia study. That’s a cutting-edge formula for lightning-fast fat loss and a fit, strong, sexy body. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with All in 18!

With this exclusive bundle, you'll receive:

  • Six 18-minute workouts
  • Two 10-minute bonus burner routines
  • Three metabolism-boosting mini-bands
  • The 42-Day Fat Torch Calendar
  • The All in 18 Meal Plan (immediate download after purchase), and

With exercise modifications for every level, All in 18 can help you reach your fitness goals — no matter if you’re just starting out or already an avid exerciser. So you can make every workout as easy as you need or as hard as you want. In fact, All in 18 routines are so effective that even if you don’t use a pair of weights, you’ll still get an incredible, fat-blasting workout!

Plus, All in 18 is available in both English and Spanish!