Badass Arms

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Badass Arms is the first Men’s Health training guide designed for advanced lifters who want to take their gains to the next level.

Created by strength coach and competitive weightlifter Dan Trink, C.S.C.S., the 12-week downloadable program uses cutting-edge techniques to help you:

  • ADD INCHES TO YOUR BICEPS! Zero in on the muscles that get you noticed — and work them from every angle — with Trink’s genius exercises like the three-position cable biceps curl.
  • BROADEN YOUR SHOULDERS! Leverage three different training styles — volume, strength, and hybrid — to hit each and every one of your muscle fibers.
  • SUPERSIZE YOUR TRICEPS! Use time-tested bodybuilding techniques like partial reps and drop sets to pack on more muscle than ever before.
  • GET AN EPIC PUMP! Make your upper body instantly look more muscular with Trink’s high-volume workouts.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR WHOLE BODY! Train your core and lower body so you don’t look like the guy who skipped leg day — and because foundational strength will help you build even bigger arms.