Bicycling's 1,100 Best All-Time Tips

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From the experts at Bicycling, this is the essential collection of the magazine's best all-time cycling tips. In Bicycling's 1,100 Best All-Time Tips, you'll find over one thousand ways to improve your cycling, with tips and tricks gleaned from dozens of the world's most skilled and knowledgeable cyclists.

Bicycling's 1,100 Best All-Time Tips is packed with everything you need to know regarding bike technology, equipment, and technique, along with vital insight on nutrition and exercise science. This guide will help build you up to your first-ever road race or century ride. Plus learn specifics like:

” The three most common driver errors that threaten bike riders
” 91 tips for bike care and repairs that you can handle
” Positioning pointers to eliminate pain, reduce your drag, and boost your performance
” 85 tips for better training technique
” Plus 40 informative photos and training plans for multiple levels
” And SO much more!

The tips cover a full range of subjects, from aerodynamics to zones for heart-rate training. You'll find fascinating new material that will touch on cycling for weight loss, cross-training, on-the-road etiquette, increasing speed, healthy eating, preventing winter weight gain, braking, cornering, and more. So whether you're a leg-shaving road racer, a downhill-charging mountain biker, or just a weekend-pedal-to-the-coffee-shop beginner, there is a tip here for you. Ride on!