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Feeling sluggish, achy, heavy, and out of shape? Blame it on the toxins building up in your body! Detoxing is the safe, proven way to cleanse away nagging health problems and more. Detoxing helps your body perform at its peak. Start your detox with clean foods, nutrients, herbs, exercises, and therapies and feel better fast!

The detox plans in Easy Weekend Detox are simple and straightforward: 3 days filled with delicious, toxin-busting superfoods, gentle herbal remedies, and balancing natural therapies that can have you feeling great in only one weekend. You’ll see results with easy solutions like these:
” Make fat cells self-destruct! Take these dynamic-duo supplements and burn fat 246% faster. Page 214
” Forget cholesterol-lowering drugs! This crunchy snack helps reduce high cholesterol with none of the side effects. Page 76
” Sip this refreshing drink in the morning to help your liver eliminate cancer cells from your body before they can do damage. Page 76
” Top 14 skin-cleansing foods: The more of these foods you incorporate into your daily diet, the healthier your skin will be. Page 180
” Cornmeal Flapjacks with Blueberry Syrup: Shrink your waist and boost your mood with this hearty breakfast treat.
” “Bounce” cellulite off your thighs ” on a mini trampoline! Sounds silly, but it works! Rebounding is not only a blast but also one of the best ways to get a sluggish lymph system moving. Page 105
” Don’t forget to eat or snack every 2 to 3 hours to help maintain stable blood sugar levels. You’ll get lots of snack suggestions and recipes for each Easy Weekend Detox plan. Page 56

Protecting your body from harmful toxins is not as difficult as you might think ” and the rewards can be amazing. It can help you leave lethargy behind, shed excess weight, watch skin outbreaks disappear, and get to the bottom of uncomfortable health issues