Eat More, Lose More

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Want to LOSE 30-100 Pounds? Then you MUST eat MORE food and exercise LESS.

It's crazy, we know. But the science is undeniable. If you want to lose weight ” even a LOT of weight ” then the editors at Prevention magazine respectfully ask you to ignore EVERYTHING you've been told about weight loss. Like counting calories. Exercising every day. And avoiding fatty food. These "rules," it turns out, are COMPLETELY in REVERSE. They're mistakes. And that's not hype … it's SCIENCE.

Now, based on a mountain of scientific evidence, there's a stunningly effective science-backed plan that can help you achieve the greatest weight loss success of your life. Turn your body into a fat-burning machine at any age with Eat More, Lose More. Hands down, it contains the most incredible weight loss news ever …

All you need to do is to ignore the biggest diet myths of all time! Here's how:
-STOP COUNTING CALORIES!: Starving yourself is absolutely pointless because your body has its own way to keep your body at a set weight, no matter how many calories you cut. It's NOT the calories … it's NOT the carbs … it's NOT the fat that matters. The secret to lasting weight loss lies in the QUALITY of the food you eat. In Eat More, Lose More, you'll discover hundreds of foods that actually help lower your set-point to that of a naturally THIN person. The result? Your hormones will become balanced so you can eat to your heart's content and still lose weight.
-EAT MORE FOOD!: Researchers have proved that people eating higher-quality foods lost a staggering 86.5% more body fat than typical dieters ” even though they ate the same number of calories. But what ARE these higher-quality foods? Good news: They include chocolate, cheese, and ice cream! Discover the secrets of how to pick the best foods, starting on page 73 of Eat More, Lose More. And even better news is these foods can help heal and balance your hormones that control fat storage, cravings, and blood sugar levels.
-EXERCISE ONLY 20 MINUTES PER WEEK!: Research now shows that you can get better weight loss results by exercising 20 minutes a week rather than 45 minutes a day. How is this possible? Because your body doesn't care how long you exercise. It only cares about how MANY different muscles you activate. In Eat More, Lose More, you'll discover complete details of simple exercises that activate far more muscles in a fraction of the time!
-EAT FATTY FOODS FOR A HEALTHIER HEART AND WAISTLINE: The science is clear on this: Foods containing fat do NOT make us fat! When it comes to predicting heart health, leading heart, diabetes, and health organizations agree: It's your HDL (good) cholesterol level that's really important. You need to keep it nice and high! In Eat More, Lose More, you'll discover dozens of recipes that are packed with health-boosting, flavorful FAT. They taste fabulous, and they help fight fat and heal your body!