Glycemic Load Diet

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You will NEVER lose those extra pounds until you learn which foods really make you fat!

Now, thanks to a landmark nutritional discovery, we know that carbs and fat are NOT the problem. The problem is the specific STARCHES in your diet that relentlessly pack on extra pounds with every bite.

As a result, virtually ALL your favorite foods are BACK on the table to help you lose weight!

Thanks to the pioneering work of Rob Thompson, MD, a board-certified practicing cardiologist who actually sees real patients every day, we now know that certain starches are primarily responsible for America's obesity problem. Just cut back on these starches and your body has NO choice but to grow thinner.

And now it's easy to put this game-changing research into all the new weight loss tips and tricks in The Glycemic Load Diet.

This groundbreaking book brings you complete "good-foods, bad-foods" details ” PLUS more than 130 delicious recipes that help you lose weight with every bite. You'll also learn ...

- Why steak, butter, and cheese must be a part of your weight loss efforts.
- Why willpower should never have anything to do with losing weight.
- How to protect yourself from dangerous hormonal imbalances triggered by most weight loss plans.
- How certain foods start making you fatter in a matter of minutes.
- Why almost all the "unhealthy" foods your parents ate can help you lose weight today.
- The secret to keeping your appetite under control with essential nutrients.
- And more!