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Stand naked in front of the mirror. Whether you like what you see will dictate how you feel not only about your body, but about your health, your attractiveness, and your sexuality. And that's why the fastest way to improve every aspect of your life is to follow the Look Better Naked plan.

Look Better Naked is the quickest path to a new you. It's a tried-and-true program created by the former editor-in-chief of Women's Health, and requires little more than a few “featherweight” dumbbells and a handful of delicious mix-and-match meals. With the body-beautifying strategies in these pages, you'll look-and fell-amazing every single day!

In Look Better Naked you'll discover:
- A kick-start plan you can do this weekend for instant results!
- How to lose weight...by eating more!
- An exciting 24-minute workout that trumps the dreaded treadmill!
- The most effective route to dimple-free body skin!
- Five surprising tips for more beautiful breasts!
- The secret moves for sculpting a tight butt and flat abs!
- A body menu weight lifting program that targets your soft spots!
- Twenty powerfoods that whittle your middle, erase wrinkles, and strengthen your hair!
- And more!