Love Your Lower Body DVD

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Runtime: 60 minutes


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Get ready for a groundbreaking Barre3 DVD program that fuses yoga, Pilates, and ballet barre work into smart and efficient toning sessions that can shape your body, slenderize your legs, and lift your butt. Harnessing the power of isometric exercises, you then layer on small, gentle movements to get into your muscle. Don't be surprised if you start to shake! That's a sign it's working. These whole-body workouts deliver the long, lean lines of a dancer and the power and strength of an athlete.

You'll get four total-body routines that can sculpt long, lean muscles. These fun routines are energizing and designed to rev up your metabolism. You'll also see improvements in your posture, confidence, and sleep.

Here are some of the great benefits from Love Your Lower Body DVD:
Big Results - Combining isometric exercises with tiny 1-inch movements gets you deep into muscles to quickly and effectively reshape your body.
Short Workouts - New research shows that 10 minutes of exercise repeated throughout the day may actually be the optimal way to train.
Low Impact - Our routines leave you energized, pumped, and pain-free, without stressing joints.
Quick Payoff - You'll be amazed how quikly you can start to look and feel great. The first sign it's working? In just days, your waistband can start to feel looser. Then, bring on your best "used to fit" jeans!

You will be amazed at how great you look and feel. It's time to start loving your reflection again!