Men's Health Best: Weight-Free Workout

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In today's fast-paced world, it's not always easy to get to the gym. In fact, you may have days or weeks when you can't make it there at all, but that doesn't mean your fitness schedule has to suffer.

Men's Health Best: Weight Free Workout will show you how to put together a workout program you can follow anywhere. You'll get all of the essential weight-free exercises you need for total-body fitness and maximum flexibility. The classic excuse, "I don't have time," no longer applies when your gym can be your living room, your basement, or even your office. So start working out weight-free today.

Men's Health Best: Weight Free Workout will show you how to:

  • Work your muscles by using your body weight, the force of gravity, and resistance created by props such as balls, blocks, and towels.
  • Stretch effectively to avoid injury and get the most from your workout.
  • Use the latest diet-and-nutrition research to develop an eating plan that will satisfy your hunger while trimming fat and building muscle mass
  • Target every major muscle group for maximum muscle growth and definition - without weights!