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Tap into your pets' secret language with advice from more than 100 animal experts.

From the experts at Pets: part of the family, Petspeak explains the complex world of dog and cat communication and also shows owners how to use this knowledge to have an even more rewarding relationship with their pets.

More than 100 experts, including trainers, animal psychologists, behaviorists, and even movie stunt-trainers offer advice on communicating with pets, from body language and tone of voice to hand signals, 'strong' words, even choosing the right name.

Each section of Petspeak provides a glimpse into dogs' and cats' inner lives: how they see, what they really hear, and why smell is so important. Sidebars such as 'What's My Pet Saying?' and 'Pets at Work' offer entertaining and instructive real-life pet profiles. With thousands of expert-proven tips, Petspeak is sure to help pet lovers improve training, solve behavior problems, or simply understand and enjoy their pets more fully.