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Discover your exact personal formula for packing on lean muscle and annihilating fat! If you’re going to build your best body, you need the right construction material ” muscle food. And now, you can get the perfect eating plan to produce the cut, powerful body you want, faster than you ever thought possible!

To transform your physique to be totally shredded, unlocking the secrets of what to eat and when to eat it is the key. And everything you need to feed big muscle growth is inside Power Eating! Developed by the leading nutrition authority on eating for strength, Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN, the Power Eating program has reshaped the lives of thousands. Dozens of professional athletes, as well as world-class bodybuilders, have relied on this must-have resource to gain muscle, cut fat, and elevate power and performance to championship levels.

With Power Eating, you can tap into the very latest cutting-edge scientific research and nutrition secrets of the pros to create your own customized plan for sculpting the broad chest, muscular back, and ripped abs, legs, and arms you’ve always wanted ” safely, naturally, and quickly.