Prevention Guide: Canning & Preserving

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Enjoy your garden all-year long by using the simple tricks, techniques and recipes found in Prevention’s No-Hassle Canning & Preserving.

When you preserve food by freezing, canning, drying, jellying, or pickling, you can save the taste and texture of fresh ingredients for months down the road — and your kitchen will be stocked with foods that are free of artificial preservatives.

Wouldn’t it be nice to top pasta with a savory all-natural sauce made from your garden-fresh tomatoes? Or slather breakfast pancakes with flavorful orange and peach preserves that you mashed yourself — no fake sugar added? First, you have to learn how to preserve food the right way. That’s where No-Hassle Canning & Preserving comes in. It walks you through each method step-by-step and gives you tips to make the process easier than ever.

  • Canned Magic! Turn extra fruits and veggies into such tasty foods as tomato sauce, applesauce, jellies, and even canned juice. Voilà — it’s easy!
  • Dried Fruit Chews & More! Eliminate artificial preservatives and extra sugar by turning your fruits into candylike creations with our yummy drying recipes.
  • No-Fuss Pickling! Did you know pickling is an old Chinese invention? Turn your ordinary vegetables and fruits into extraordinary and flavorful sides and condiments.