Running Injury-Free

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Do you want to enjoy a lifetime of pain-free running? Are you ignoring minor twinges and aches so you can keep training? Have you been struggling with an injury that just won’t go away? Running Injury-Free is the runner’s secret weapon for healthy, happy running!

For any runner who has experienced pain or discomfort, ranging from minor aches to sidelining injuries, Dr. Joseph Ellis presents simple, tried-and-true medical and home-remedy solutions that enable runners to train injury-free. Using engaging and relatable case studies from his sports-medicine clinic in La Jolla, California, Dr. Ellis shares a clinical approach toward treating the most common running-related injuries. He also provides detailed background on each type of injury so that runners can recognize and immediately change poor habits or adjust training and running techniques. His advice will revolutionize the way runners approach the sport and make them realize that injury-free running is possible.

This revised edition features two new chapters”on nutrition for injury prevention and on barefoot/minimalist running”plus updated content covering: shoes and shoe selection; over-the-counter injury remedies; orthotics; chiropractic medicine and acupuncture; body type and BMI; stretching techniques; strength-training exercises; as well as running issues affecting women, children, and endurance athletes.

Complete with more than 50 illustrations and backed by the most trusted brand in running, Runner’s World magazine, this is THE comprehensive book on treating and preventing common injuries associated with running.