The Carb Sensitivity Program

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Dr. Natasha Turner, author of the revolutionary Hormone Diet, introduces a six-week nutrition plan and recipes to help readers identify and even overcome the specific carbohydrate sensitivities that can impede their weight loss.

After facing frustrating, unsuccessful attempts to manage cravings and lose weight, dieters are about to experience a revelation: The key to shedding pounds, as well as banishing bloating, water retention, and headaches, may lie in the types of carbohydrates they are, or are not, eating.

Based on an in-depth exploration of a nutritional breakthrough that other diet doctrines have overlooked, The Carb Sensitivity Program introduces the concept of “carbohydrate sensitivity,” which causes a person to respond abnormally to glucose intake, overproduce insulin, and consequently store excess fat. Dr. Turner discusses and clarifies the interaction of carbohydrates and hormones in the body and presents a six-week program that allows readers to test their own responses to several categories of carbohydrates. Unlike diet books that abolish all carbohydrates, Turner’s has readers isolate one group for each segment of the plan and then rule out only the problem-causing foods, so that each person emerges with a program suited specifically to their physical needs.

Packed with inspiring case studies, flavorful, wholesome recipes, and meal plans designed to boost energy while also testing for carbohydrate tolerance, The Carb Sensitivity Program will give readers the tools they require to lose weight, gain valuable insight into their bodies, and achieve vibrant, long-lasting health.