The Grain-Free Cure

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I'll bet you've wondered hundreds of time... Why Me? But it's not just you. It's an epidemic. Millions of Americans are going to their doctors, complaining of these symptoms. Most never solve them.

But thanks to the work of best-selling author William Davis, MD, there is a solution, and thousands have already lost weight and beaten chronic symptoms through Dr. Davis’s cardiology practice in Milwaukee and from his national best-selling book Wheat Belly. He himself lost 30 pounds and reversed his diabetes.

Now in the revolutionary program The Grain-Free Cure, he reveals how it's not just wheat we need to stop eating. He tells America about how our dependence on modern, genetically manipulated grains of all kinds has left too many of us fat, sick, and in the middle of a health crisis.

Grain-free doesn't mean bread-free. You can STILL eat all the foods you love, including breads, cakes, pasta, cookies, fudge ... you name it! Dr. Davis's Grain-Free Cure plan includes simple-to-prepare and fabulously delicious grain-free recipes that were actually tested right here in our own Rodale Test Kitchen.

- Discover how to lose up to 10 pounds of ugly fat in as little as 14 days! No calorie counting, no measly portions, no hunger, no denial. You'll discover the startling research that shows why "healthy" whole grains can be the hidden triggers behind that stubborn fat on your hips, thighs, face, and belly. Page 112
- Fix a lifetime of digestive havoc! Dr. Davis's research shows that grains cause burning acid reflux, emergency dashes to the bathroom, and painful constipation. Cut out the grains, and digestive freedom could be yours. Page 52
- Replace fatigue with vibrant new energy! You'll discover how grains cause iron deficiency, which can lead to anemia and fatigue. Escape the addictive clutches of toxic grains and recharge your energy cells to brand-new levels. Page 61
- End migraines! See a real-life account of how Amy was crippled with migraines until she discovered how to cut out grains. Now she hasn't suffered a migraine for over 2 years and has lost 200 pounds, too. She's never looked or felt better! Page 164
- Put out the fire of arthritis! Discover remarkable evidence that when you remove the joint inflammation—provoking components of grains that trigger autoimmunity, joint inflammation and pain can powerfully recede. Page 125
- Wipe away eczema in just weeks! See the real-life story of how Dana beat a lifetime of cracked, bleeding skin from eczema ” and how you can, too! Page 127
- Breathe a sigh of relief and beat asthma and other allergies! Discover how grains themselves act as allergens and how you really can be free of asthma, sinus problems, and other allergies, too! Page 126
- Reduce anxiety, beat depression, and feel on top of the world! Discover how, by eliminating grains, you'll have more of the feel-good brain hormone serotonin and be happier, more optimistic, and even free from anxiety and depression! Page 116