The Hormone Fix

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Fix your out-of-whack hormones and lose fat, inches, and pounds for good!

If you struggle to lose weight and have tried everything, there’s a good chance it’s your hormones. Your body has six key fat loss hormones. These hormones control every aspect of your weight loss, from metabolism to where fat is stored and how the body uses energy to regulate appetite, cravings, sleep, and more. These “secret 6” can even impact your heart health, diabetes, arthritis, and dozens of other conditions.

  1. Growth & Rejuvenation hormones: Ignite Fat Loss + Rejuvenate & Repair + Build a Strong, Healthy Metabolism
  2. Thyroid hormones: Keep Metabolism & Fat Burn Fired Up + Help Boost Mood & Memory
  3. Adiponectin: Burns Fat + Increases Insulin Sensitivity
  4. Adrenaline: Accelerates Fat Loss + Delivers Energy Boost
  5. Glucagon: Regulates Blood Sugar + Delivers Energy for Exercise
  6. The Androgenic hormones: Blast Fat + Promote Antiaging + Build Strength & Strong Bones + Boost Libido

Research has shown that the slightest hormonal upheaval can wreak havoc on your weight — and your health. Even the simplest things like eating carbs for breakfast or eating at the wrong time of day can set off a chain reaction in your body. Hormones flood your system. You start craving like crazy. Bloating, gas, and heartburn set in. Belly fat explodes and your metabolism slows to a crawl.

But when you activate your fat loss hormones, you fire up your ability to lose fat and gain lean muscle. Controlling your appetite becomes easy, and you accelerate fat burn. Stubborn belly fat can finally disappear! Weight comes off — it’s as if you flipped a switch! This is what happens when your hormones are in harmony.

With The Hormone Fix, you’ll always know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right. As you get stronger, you’ll burn extra calories, too — even when you are doing nothing!