The Knee Crisis Handbook

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Pages: 336


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Help for the nearly 30 million people who experience chronic knee pain

Skiers, cyclists, basketball players and joggers all have something in common, they all are prone to knee injuries. In 2003 Americans will suffer more than 8 million tears, fractures, and sprains. Many of those patients will eventually develop chronic problems, joining the 30 million Americans whose knees hurt for the duration of their life.

The Knee Crisis Handbook makes it easier than ever to understand how to:

  • Protect your knee joints
  • Prevent injuries, knee trauma and pain
  • Recover from injuries faster

Whether you are an athlete or an armchair quarterback, your knees are the unsung heroes of your mobility. As we age, the risk of injury to these important joints grows. The good news is that, armed with knowledge, these injuries are often preventable. Find out how!

The Knee Crisis Handbook provides all the information you need to maintain your active lifestyle without putting your most vital joints in jeopardy.