The New Abs Diet for Women Bundle

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Lose up to 12 pounds of fat from your belly in just 2 weeks!

You CAN have a great body and lean abs. Yes – You! Even if you've tried to lose weight many times before... even if you've regained the weight you lost... even if you've tried every fad diet out there and still haven't found a plan that works for your body and lifestyle.

If you're looking for a simple method with results you can see in just 2 weeks, then The New Abs Diet for Women is for you.

The New Abs Diet for Women is a scientifically proven way to kick your metabolic fat burning into high gear — and use the resulting energy to build lean muscle. And lean muscle is what burns fat and keeps it off for life! This bundle includes The Abs Diet for Women Workout DVD, a comprehensive workout that will turn your body into a lean, mean fat-burning machine. This high-energy routine was designed to maximize fat-burning while minimizing your workout time. Jessica Smith, your fitness instructor, will lead you through these calorie-blasting routines:

  • Strength training to build calorie–torching lean muscle
  • A cardio interval workout to burn calories
  • Two ab routines deigned to hit all five regions of the abdominal muscles
  • Pilates to lengthen and tone
  • Yoga to increase flexibility and relaxation

Get this exclusive bundle of The New Abs Diet for Women and The Abs Diet for Women Workout DVD today for this exclusive discount, not available in stores!