The Power Food Nutrition Plan

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If you're like most guys, you want it all. Rippling abs. Bigger muscles. Athletic skill. More energy and brainpower. A disease-free life. Great sex.

But, like most guys who want it all, you probably aren't sure how to get it.

That's where The Power Food Nutrition Plan comes in. We'll show you how to eat your way to a better life, using your favorite foods to overcome obstacles and achieve your maximum potential. No matter what your goal, there's a meal plan to get you there. Want to ward off heart disease? Turn to chapter 7. Want a stomach and chest that look and feel like high-grade body armor? Chapters 3 & 4 are for you. Want to ensure your male machinery doesn't break down when it's time for sex? Chapter 8 is your warranty.

When you've accomplished your objective, you'll move on to other meal plans and reap other rewards. Or maybe you'll go straight to the king-of-all-programs, the Full-Power Meal Plan, which will keep your body strong and your mind keen for the rest of your life.