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Most self-improvement programs train people to identify and solve problems by thinking them through (read: grappling with them endlessly). Executive coach Steve Sisgold, however, knows that the body-not the mind-is the most reliable, effective pathway to realizing your deepest desires. His integrative approach helps his clients activate cellular memories that you can use to deal with present-day problems.
Now, with Sisgold's unique, easy-to-follow, 30-day plan, you will become aware of subtle body sensations-such as hand tension while gripping the phone-and be able to interpret their meanings, linking them to negative thoughts and behaviors. Using Sisgold's tips and techniques, you will learn how to change these thoughts and behaviors before they become self-sabotaging. By employing simple, body-centric stress management tools, you will stay engaged and resilient in any situation.
Inspiring and practical, Whole Body Intelligence empowers you to channel the power of your body to achieve your wildest dreams.