Prevention Guide: Gluten-Free Made Easy (2016 Edition)



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  • Just 10 years ago, barely anyone knew what the word “gluten” meant, let alone gave any thought to avoiding it. But now gluten-free eating is all the rage, and everyone from your next-door neighbor to such high-profile stars as Gwyneth Paltrow have been linked to a wheat-free lifestyle, which can contribute to increased energy, thinner thighs, and reduced belly bloat. This special magazine helps to clear the confusion about gluten to help you master wheat-free living with easy tips, delicious recipes, and smart workouts that will help you peel off pounds as they reduce your risk of health problems. Get ready to feel much better!

    New in this issue:

    • How to reap the most benefits our of wheat-free living—and how it can benefit your overall health
    • A handy aisle-by-aisle guide to identifying the best (and worst) gluten-free foods at your local supermarket
    • Your biggest gluten questions, answered
    • A 4-day meal plan that will help you shrink your belly and show you how great gluten-free eating can make you feel
    • 18 amazing wheat-free recipes
    • The workout that can speed up your weight-loss and lose your wheat belly in just 2 weeks
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Prevention Guide: Gluten-Free Made Easy (2016 Edition)



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