8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes

Lose 30 pounds or more in just 8 minutes a day and feel great about yourself! A get-fit, stay-healthy program for plus-size people.

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Weight-loss expert Jorge Cruise is back with an ever simpler way to lose weight and keep it off, in just 8 minutes a day. He discovered the key that unlocks your deepest motivation to take off the pounds and reach your natural, healthy body weight. Based on the latest science and feedback from thousands of his online clients, Jorge's new and improved program requires no calorie counting, no sweating, and no deprivation dieting. Jorge's program is custom-designed to motivate, support, and inspire those who consider themselves plus-sized in achieving their weight loss goals. - Easy-to-follow program and all new eating plan will help guarantee success - New 8 minute plate will help guide people in their food choices - All new fitness plan uses isometrics, so no special equipment is required - Special section included for readers who have difficulty with more advanced exercises
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Format Paperback

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