Drop Two Sizes DVD Program

A Proven Plan to Ditch the Scale, Get the Body You Want & Wear the Clothes You Love!

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Look better than ever! With the amazing Drop Two Sizes DVD Program, you'll shrink your butt and thighs, tone your abs and arms, and tighten every inch of your body. Women's Health fitness expert Rachel Cosgrove takes you through the very same workouts that she's used to help hundreds of clients drop two jean sizes (and more!) in just 12 weeks.

The Drop Two Sizes DVD Program includes 6 DVDs. On each DVD, you'll find either two strength workouts or two metabolic cardio workouts, plus a foam roll routine and a warmup. That's a total of 12 cutting-edge workouts.

You'll just need one pair of dumbbells, a sturdy step or nearby staircase, and a foam roll. Rachel recommends you simply weigh your purse, then choose two dumbbells that match that weight. So if your purse weighs 8 pounds, you'll start with two 8-pound dumbbells. It's that easy! As you progress through the 12-week program, you'll want to increase the weights you're using — to drop those sizes even faster.

You'll do three strength workouts a week and one "metabolic" cardio workout per week. Each strength workout takes less than an hour, and each metabolic cardio workout lasts less than 30 minutes. Do the math, and you'll discover that's just 2% of your week!

Are you ready to drop 2 dress sizes?
Pages/Runtime 6 DVDs
Format DVD

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