Backyard Bird Secrets for Every Season

Attract a Variety of Nesting, Feeding, and Singing Birds Year-Round

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This engaging guide to seasonal changes in bird behavior is packed with tips and tricks to help readers attract their feathered friends to the backyard all year round.

Birds follow a cycle that depends on the seasons: When caterpillars are at their peak in summer, bird nests are filled with hungry babies hollering for food; in winter, a high-fat menu at the feeder helps birds make it through the night. By taking advantage of these natural cycles to plan feeder offerings and garden beds, readers can turn their backyard into an irresistible haven for a colorful assortment of birds in all kinds of weather.

Highlights of this captivating book include features such as:
- comprehensive explanations of how seasonal changes like spring rains and winter winds affect bird habits and behaviors in the backyard
- hints and tips for attracting birds by offering what they need in each season, such as crushed eggshells when mother birds need extra calcium for egg-laying
- Snazziest Stars and Supporting Cast-which birds can be attracted in which seasons
- Cheat Sheets for Migration-when to expect various migratory visitors
- Interesting insight into feeding routines, courtship and mating rituals, and nesting areas to create a hospitable habitat
- Build or Buy-quick-and-easy birding projects

As many as one in five Americans already consider themselves birders, and this spirited and fun guide will seduce many newcomers to birdwatching's bountiful pleasures.
Pages/Runtime 352
Format Hardcover

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