Why can't they just stop? New knowledge. New treatments. New hope.

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Addiction. It's been treated with ignorance. Now it's being treated with science. Here are some facts about the disease that you may not know: - Addiction affects 22 million Americans - 75% of addicts are in the workforce - Only 9% of Americans who need treatment receive it - New medications can help control craving - Relapse is a normal part of the disease - Treatment can work In association with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, HBO created the groundbreaking documentary series ADDICTION, bringing to light fascinating medical and scientific advances that have redefined the way we understand this disease. The nation's top addiction experts persuasively argue that the time has come for the blame to stop and the healing to begin. Edited by the producers of ADDICTION, this companion book is essential reading for anyone who has struggled with the consequences of their own or someone else's substance addiction. In-depth descriptions of the way the disease works and accounts of its impact on families across the country are combined with specific advice from the nation's leading experts on how to find the right treatment for you or someone you love-and how to make it work. If you or somebody you love is an addict, this book is a crucial first step toward recovery.
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