New American Diet

What if everything you've been taught about weight loss is wrong? Discover the revolutionary new plan that will strip away pounds—from your belly first—and change the way you look, feel and live!

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Based on the latest nutritional and environmental science, The New American Diet will turn modern weight–loss thinking on its head, with Superfoods that sculpt the lean, healthy body you've always wanted.

  • A hamburger that fights heart disease and depression?
  • Strawberries that can make you fat?
  • Pork chops that help take off the pounds?
  • Salad dressing that makes you crave dessert?

Unbelievable, impossible—but true! In this revolutionary new weight–loss plan, authors Stephen Perrine and Heather Hurlock expose the truth about scores of recently discovered obesity–causing chemicals lurking in the American diet, chemicals so hazardous to our weight that researchers have coined a new phrase for them: "obesogens." Discover the groundbreaking new research that will change forever the way you think about food.

Pages/Runtime 320
Format Hardcover

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