Prevention Fitness Systems: Walk Yourself Fit DVD

Walk off weight: Watch fat melt away with every step!

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Walk away the pounds with Prevention Fitness Systems' Walk Yourself Fit. We've combined stomps, power walks, side taps, lunges, salsa, and so much more into high-energy, fun-filled workouts that you'll want to do it over and over again.

Boost your metabolism and burn more calories with Walk Yourself Fit. Developed by fitness experts, this all-new DVD features a revolutionary, easy-to-follow walking routine that makes it easy to slim down and tone up fast.

The A-B-C program consists of bursts of Accelerated speed, Body shaping moves and Cardio fat burning that gets you in great shape in just minutes a day. This program is so easy to follow you'll be amazed how simple it is to take control of your weight and get the body you've always wanted. Best of all, with Walk Yourself Fit your workouts will become more effective AND you'll fire up your metabolism to burn more calories - even when you're at rest!

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