The New Glucose Revolution

Melt away unwanted pounds and reduce your risk of serious illness!

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The glycemic index just may be the most significant advance in nutritional science of the last 25 years. More so than any other nutritional tool, it is transforming what and how we eat by ranking foods according to their immediate effect on blood glucose levels. A growing body of research confirms that the glycemic index is a factor in health concerns from weight gain and fatigue to heart disease and diabetes.

Written by the team of experts at the forefront of glycemic index research, The New Glucose Revolution demonstrates how and why a low-GI diet can melt away unwanted pounds and reduce the risk of serious illness. This doesn't mean eating only low-GI foods or giving up high-GI favorites; as the book explains, combining and balancing your food choices is key.

Look inside this expanded edition of The New Glucose Revolution for:
- The very latest scientific evidence to support the health benefits of choosing low-GI foods
- Foolproof strategies for making the transition to a low-GI diet
- 50 delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, all with low to moderate GI ratings
- Glycemic index values for approximately 800 foods
- Targeted guidelines for using the glycemic index to lose weight, protect against diabetes and heart disease, and enhance mental and physical performance
- Answers to the most common questions about the glycemic index
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Format Hardcover

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