Walk Your Butt Off

Lose up to 27 Pounds and 19 Inches in Just 12 Weeks!

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Melt off fat faster than ever before with the breakthrough new walking program from the experts at Prevention. It takes you from couch sitter to fitter, firmer, slimmer in just 12 weeks — even if you haven’t moved a muscle in years! All you need are walking shoes, a stopwatch, and 30 minutes or less, a few days a week. Fast and flexible, it was created to fit your busy life.

With Walk Your Butt Off you’ll discover amazing scientifically proven techniques to turn up the calorie burn so you drop weight even faster than other walking programs. As fat melts away your butt gets tighter, more toned, and firmer while you lose your belly and trim your thighs. Discover surprising walking tips, tricks, and techniques you’ve never heard before to take the weight off faster!

Whether you’ve never walked for fitness or you want a walking program that takes it off faster — and keeps it off — Walk Your Butt Off is for you. You get everything you need to build speed, strength, and stamina and maximize calorie burn:

- Breakthrough butt-blasting, belly-melting, waist-whittling, hip-slimming weekly walking plans
- Expert nutrition tips to maximize weight loss and outsmart tough food challenges
- Foolproof technique tips for walking faster, farther, longer, and stronger each week
- Simple at-home moves to increase strength and flexibility and prevent injuries
- Motivation and inspiration from real-life Walk Your Butt Off winners
Pages/Runtime 320
Format Hardcover

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