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Want the body of a Special Forces Navy Seal? Then you need the incredible total-body transformation program, 8 Weeks To SealFit: A Navy Seal’s Guide To Unconventional Training For Physical And Mental Toughness.

Developed through Mark Divine's 20 years as a Navy Seal Commander, SealFit rips up the script on standard training programs — and introduces you to a savage new world of pain, intensity, and the kind of mind-blowing results most people will never experience. This is the exact, hard core training program used to take wannabe Navy Seal’s from raw, wet-behind-the-ears rookies to fully trained, fully fit, fully functional Navy Seal’s ready for dangerous, real-world missions.

But are you MAN ENOUGH for SealFit? Because make no mistake about it: If you’re the kind of guy who makes excuses and quits when the going gets tough, SealFit will crush you. It’s tough. It’s brutal. It’s not for the faint of heart. And it’ll make your current workouts seem like a gentle warm up by comparison. But if you’re man enough — with an iron will and the sheer determination to bust your way through the SealFit brutality, you will experience the most incredible breakthroughs in mental toughness…raw physical power…and the kind of ripped, deeply defined physique that will make most men turn green with envy!

Here’s a small “taste” of what you will find in SealFit:
” Explode muscle growth and size! These 4 exercises flood your body with muscle-building growth hormones. Page74
” Fat-Destroyer Foods! This “Caveman” diet turns your body into a fat-burning furnace! Page 38 & 39
” Navy Seal’s “Dirt Dive” strategy for cultivating an unstoppable warrior mind-set! Page 12.
” Eat less, pack on solid slabs of ripped muscle and incinerate fat! The details are on page 41.
” Get stronger by lifting less weight? Yes! The amazing details are on page 45.
” How to boost your maximum bench press weight by 30%...the very first time you try! Can’t be done? Read page 76 and be amazed.
” How to use an ordinary PVC pipe to increase your power and explosiveness! Sounds hard to believe but it’s true! Full details, page 76.
” The 8 character traits of a Kokoro Warrior. And how you can put them to work in your life to forge and unbeatable mind. Page 208.
” How Olympic athletes use visualization to crush personal bests and shatter world records! And how you can use their little-known envisioning technique to take your body and your training to the next level. Page 213.

When you combine all those things together, it adds up to strongest, fittest, most insanely ripped physique of your entire life! And it gives you these kinds of breakthroughs in strength, definition, power and stamina in the shortest time humanly possible — just 8 short, brutalizing weeks from today!

Think you’re MAN ENOUGH for SealFit?