The Body Fat Breakthrough

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Learn how to transform your body with The Body Fat Breakthrough!

They did it exercising only 30 minutes a week – Not a Day! As Dr. Ellington Darden tested and perfected his new body transformation plan, he kept meticulous records, and that's what the stats show.

Results? As documented in this Exclusive Expanded Edition of The Body Fat Breakthrough, of 44 men and women in one test group, seven lost 30 pounds in 30 days, four lost 50 pounds in 50 days, and one lost a whopping 80 pounds in 80 days! One seriously obese man lost 120 pounds of fat over 30 weeks (while adding 20 pounds of solid muscle).

Rock Your New Body in Record Time!

Dr. Darden's new plan is shown to give you results faster with resistance training than any other regimen out there. You'll FEEL the firming effects in your very first workout! According to scientific research and real-life studies, here's why it really works:

Compared to regular resistance training, his 30-30-30 plan, emphasizing slow lowering against resistance, produces 40 to 0 percent greater activation of muscle tissue than traditional lifting. That's not because you're using heavier weights than normal ” in fact, you'll be using lighter weights!

That "deeper" stimulation of muscle fibers in turn prompts the release of five key hormones involved in muscle building. While your muscles are growing faster, the same hormones act to pull calories out of fat cells, which then shrink!

  • Eliminate excess calories with an ice pack? Turn to page 36 to find out how it’s proven to work.
  • Try the eating-walking-sipping method on page 200 that 145 participants proved effective and you could burn 10,248 calories ” almost 3 pounds of body fat”in just 6 weeks!
  • Sleep it off! Your body fat that is! Turn to page 203 to find out just how much you need for maximum results.

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