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The master key to your health: your adrenal glands! These two walnut-sized glands that sit on top of your kidneys control your entire body. Your adrenals control your digestion, your cardiovascular system, your blood sugar, your cholesterol levels, your body weight, and even control your sleep cycles and energy levels!

Healthy adrenals = healthy you!

Unfortunately, stress and out-of-control hormone levels can leave your adrenals overworked and whacked out. And when that happens, your health can take a beating. Your weight begins to creep up. You become fatigued. You develop digestive problems and IBS. You suffer from sleep problems. And you get brain fog and memory problems. Plus, you open the door to more serious health problems — like diabetes … heart disease … hypertension … high cholesterol … depression … and a whole variety of other health problems.

Why counting calories can actually increase weight gain!
” Study of 121 women proves it. The reason why is on page 205.
” Migraines? Insomnia? Just do this to the pillows on your bed for rapid relief and the best night's sleep of your life. Details, page 226
” No energy? Need a boost? Try the 6-second trick on page 253 and feel the incredible difference.
” Breathe down high blood pressure? Yes! All you need is a rolled-up towel, an ordinary chair, and the simple instructions on page 255.
” A drug-free remedy for anxiety: Discover how these two herbs relieved anxiety just as well as certain prescription medication. Page 226
” Low blood pressure? Try licorice! Yes, licorice. It can raise blood pressure 10 to 20 points and soothe indigestion, ulcers, heartburn, gastritis, and more. Page 235
” Beat adrenal fatigue with … salt? Yes! Here's when this works. Page 216

Unleash the Power of Your Adrenals & Turn Your Health Around!