The Backyard Bird Lover's Field Guide

Learning Bird Names Is Really about Learning to Notice Markings and Quirks

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Learning Bird Names Is Really about Learning to Notice Markings and Quirks

Call it a "first impression"-the initial reaction you have when you see a bird in your backyard. Its appearance and habit are the keys to knowing what it is. The flash of orange in the trees says "oriole." An upside-down pose points to a nuthatch. Even a bunch of little brown birds scratching under your feeder become more than "just sparrows." Take a closer look, and say "good morning" to the song sparrow (he's the streaky brown one with the stickpin breast mark), the fox sparrow (the plump, extra-large, heavily streaked beauty), the white-throated sparrow (notice the white bib and eye stripe?)-and, look, there's a chipping sparrow (the tiny bird with reddish cap). He must be on his way north. When you identify birds by name, they feel like friends.

Typical field guides show hundreds of pictures that take forever to sort out. But The Backyard Bird Lover's Field Guide keeps it simple with a region-by-region approach that cuts the possibilities down to size. Instead of poring over hundreds of birds that won't even come anywhere near your backyard, you'll find more than 20 of the most likely suspects for each of seven regions of the country. Plus, you'll get to know the 40 birds that are so common, so abundant, and so widespread that they may show up anywhere across the continent!

You won't be able to put this field guide down-it's that much fun to read about your favorite bird, especially when Sally Roth is telling the tales. You'll discover her tricks for IDing birds in a flash. Then you can confirm your good guess by checking details of looks, voice, and behavior that she provides. Benefit from Sally's years of bird-watching experience as she shares common pitfalls when identifying birds. Each entry is packed with Sally's unique advice for favorite foods, welcoming plants, and other bird temptations, plus glimpses into the birds' personalities. Join Sally in her delightful pursuit of watching the birds in your own backyard and on any trip you may take across the country.

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